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Italiano: $ 8

Prosciutto, sopressatta, formaggio, roasted red peppers, olives & artichoke hearts

Veggie: $ 8

Grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olives & artichoke hearts

Anchovies: $ 5

Anchovies & roasted red peppers with olive oil and capers

Carciofi: $ 5

Whole artichoke hearts marinated

Antipasto della casa: $ 8

Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and artichoke heart with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Garlic Bread: $ 2

Slices of fresh baked bread with olive oil, herbs & grated cheese

Zuppa: $5 bowl / $3 cup

Hearty, delicious home-made soup that will warm you on cold, winter days

Cheese & Olives: $ 5


Assortment of imported cheese



1~ Asiago

2~ Fontina

3~ Fontinella

4~ Grana Padano

5~ Manchego

6~ Pecorino Toscana

7~ Regianito

8~ Sharp Italian Provolone

All cheese served with seasoned olives

Combination of 3 cheeses $12



Caprese: $ 5

Fresh mozzarella, tomato & home-made pesto sauce

Pomodoro: $5

Fresh tomato, red onion with olive oil & fresh herbs

House: $5

Romaine lettuce, fresh tomato, olives, peperoncini & red onion with creamy Italian dressing

with grilled chicken $8

Caesar: $5

Romaine lettuce, home-made croutons & Caesar dressing

with grilled chicken $8

Summer salad: $8

Romaine lettuce ,roasted red pepper, artichoke heart, prosciutto and grana padano cheese with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Gorgonzola salad $ 8

Romaine lettuce,crisp apples,gorgonzola cheese, chopped walnuts with home-made honey mustard dressing



(served on Italian bread) $5

1~ Carciofi: A spread of artichoke hearts & roasted Red peppers in olive oil & herbs

2~ Carciofi cremoso: A spread of artichoke hearts mixed with cheese

3~Olives: A spread of olives, olive oil & lemon juice

4~Olive cremoso: A spread of olives & mixed cheeses

5~ Acciughe: Anchovies, garlic, pesto & olive oil

6~ Melanzane: Grilled eggplant, capers, garlic & olive oil

7~ Pomodoro: Fresh tomato, onion, herbs & olive oil

8~Verde: Home-made pesto sauce topped with fresh mozzarella

9~ Giardino: fresh Mozzarella & roasted red peppers

with olive oil and oregano

10~ Aglio: Aged pickled garlic spread over crostini bread

with olive spread

11~ Gorgonzola: Pesto sauce and melted gorgonzola cheese

OR combination of 3 bruschette $ 12


Panini: $ 7 (served on Italian ciabata )

1~ Pepino: Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers & olive oil

2~ Parmacotto: Prosciutto cotto (Italian ham), salami,

fresh mozzarella, olive oil & grated cheese

3~Italiano: Prosciutto, salami, sopressatta, asiago, roasted red peppers, olive oil & grated


4~ Caprese: Fresh mozzarella, tomato & home-made pesto

5~ La casa: Grilled eggplant, prosciutto & fresh mozzarella with spicy cherry peppers

6~Chicken pesto: Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers & home-made pesto sauce

7~ Veggie: Grilled eggplant, artichoke hearts, olive tapenade, fresh mozzarella & olive oil

Mini Panini: $ 3 (served on Rustic Italian bread)

1~ Grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto with home made pesto sauce

2~ Salami, roasted red peppers, asiago cheese & olive oil

3~ Prosciutto cotto, fontina cheese & honey mustard sauce

4~ Prosciutto, fontina cheese & aged pickled garlic spread.

5~ Grana padano cheese, olive oil & oregano

6~ Grilled eggplant, fontina cheese, artichoke heart

7~ Roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella with home made pesto sauce

OR combination of 3 mini panini $ 8


Wraps: (served on a flour wrap with spicy olives) $7

Italian wrap; Fresh mozzarella, tomato, salami, roasted red peppers, lettuce & pesto sauce

Tuna: Tuna, mayo, celery, onions, lettuce & tomato

Veggie: Grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato & fresh pesto

Chicken & caesar wrap: Grilled chicken & caesar salad

St. Ours: Grilled chicken, prosciutto, lettuce & tomato with honey mustard sauce


All chicken dishes served with caesar salad $12.00

Pollo al fresco: Grilled chicken, grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella & tomato

Pollo melanzane: Grilled chicken topped with grilled eggplant & asiago cheese in a marsala wine sauce

Pollo prosciutto: Grilled chicken topped with prosciutto & fresh mozzarella in a white wine sauce

Pollo al Pesto: Grilled chicken topped with fresh tomato and mozzarella in a white wine pesto sauce

Dolce & Caffe`

Tiramisu $ 5 Cannoli $4 Mini Cannoli $ 2

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Cheese $5 Cappuccino $4 Espresso $3



Ask your bartender for the varieties of wines to go for only $10.oo a bottle